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Please browse through the product range we carry. If you don’t see what you need, email or call us. If it’s 4x4 or camping related, we’ll probably be able to get it for you.
  An assortment of small products and accessories that vary in importance from the ‘essential’ to the ‘nice to have’. Tie downs, jerry cans, tire repair tools, etc.. Go >>
Air Compressors
  Partly deflating the tires is essential for off-road travel. Here are some tools to re-inflate your tires when you reach the tarmac or when fixing a tire. Go >>
Air Intake Snorkel
  A Safari Snorkel will protect your vehicle’s engine from ingesting water on deep water crossings, and from choking on dust in sandy desert conditions and the fine powdery bull dust while offroading in a convoy or in a sand storm - besides intaking cooler air for better performance. Go >>
Differential Lockers
  The ARB Air Locker breaks new grounds, giving you an instant and full locking differential system providing 100% traction in the very worst terrain – at the push of a button. Go >>
Dual Battery Systems
  Serious campers will install 2 batteries, one for the main vehicle operation and the other for camp use. Lights, music, and other electrical appliances no longer leave you with a depleted battery in the morning. Go >>
  Imagine a cooler that need no ice blocks and can actually make ice in the desert. That’s the Engel line of electric compressor based coolers. Comes in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs and budget. Go >>
  IPF has a light to meet every application: from replacement head light inserts, spot lights up to 170 watt, to conventional or pendant style driving lights and round or rectangle fog lights. Available as single lights or in kit form complete with all wiring and hardware. Go >>
Protection and Bull Bars
  Solid and Stylish; the ARB bumpers and bull bars provide full vehicle protection, recovery anchor points and winch mounting platform. Also available are custom side steps, rear bumpers and tire carriers. Go >>
Recovery Equipment
  It’s always fun if somebody else gets stuck. Here are the tools that will minimize the fun your friends have at your expense :). Range includes: Sand mats, snatch straps, Hi-Lift jacks, shovels, etc... Go >>
Roof Racks
  You can only put so much inside you vehicle. Custom made roof racks and accessories mounts is the answer. Go >>
Suspension Kits
  Your 4x4 suspension is the key to the performance and comfort of your off road travel. From replacement shock absorbers to complete springs and shock absorber lift kits. Go >>